Small garden and balcony victory garden kit


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Stuck in a quarantine? Sheltering in place? Sick of how horrid the grocery store is now? Grow a victory garden today! Our Coven has assembled a fantastic brew of over 13 cultivars to be included in this victory garden seed kit. They've also crafted a tailor made planting schedule for balconies and small gardens. Tons of vegetables! Pole and Bush beans, sugar peas, topsi radishes, storage and fresh onions, beets, tall and small carrots, early, late and even in the middle greens like arugula, spinach and komatsuna. Storage cabbage and great fresh brassicas. Chilli's, sauce tomatoes and sweet cherrys. Herbs, flowers and herbs that are flowers. We're including some big, some small and some that even bloom in the fall. Three different possible cultivars of echinacea, German chamomile, lupins, sunflowers and a few the staples like sage, basil, dill or oregano. The herbs and flowers will be a suprise.