Getting ready for the spring!

Posted by Simon Gaudin on

Over here at Green Witch acres we're starting to get excited for the spring! The days are already starting to get longer and we're starting to clear out the cold frames. This time of year gets us thinking mustard greens, one of the cold hardy crops we grow. We've always offered a few basic staples like pac choi and komatsuna but this year we've started trying our hand at hybrids. I wont spoil everything but we have a red Komatsuna and a bright white tah tasio waiting in the wings. 

We hope for all gardeners sakes that this spring wont be plagued with the fast sell outs that last spring had, for our part we have stock pilled a much larger store for the 2021 gardening season. We're sure every one else has probably done something similiar with their personal seed stock. This year we're introducing some blends so that people can have a chance to try a few varietys without having to clear out the store. Were testing a rainbow carrot blend on the etsy site right now.

Up here in northern canada we try to grow things threw extreme weather. Soon we will be putting out our first cold frames against the foundation of the house. Last year at this time we were growing spinach, cabbage and arugula. We were also killing yellow onions and black krims. This year the candidates are Rhubarb Red Swiss Chard, Wildfire Arugula and winterkeeper beets.

A last quick update, one of our witchs Erin is starting a gardening podcast. Its tailored to growers in colder climates though everybody will enjoy it! The aptly named podcast is The Northern Grower, you can find it on Spotify and Apple Itunes. We'd really appreciate you giving it a listen and a review, everyone who does will recieve a 25% OFF code. Thanks for taking the time to read the update! 

Ps. Heres some links to the podcast.